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seven hours to kickoff. i mean the first pitch. i dont count that ridiculous japan of the day? got to be CENTERFIELD "put me in coach" its 83 degrees in Florida and if my back, arm or eyes could handle it i'd be playing. as it is i'm throwing a ball to my dog.Scott Rolen and Troy Glaus starting the season injured,SURPRISE.comback player of the year?Hank Blalock 300 35 120.i dont count manny,who will probably go 320 50 150 but there's a difference between injured and being unmotivated.B.J. Upton will have a super year and tampa will finish second beating out the Yankees.i like Josh Hamilton. john kruk just gave his predictions Cleveland and the Cubs in the series with the cubs winning. i hope he's right,execpt for the cubs winning part, but i doubt it. i have Cleveland{homer} and the Phillies. why all the hype about the Braves having the deepest staff in baseball they have an unproven closer and arent smoltz and glavine a combined 81 years old? how soon before Rick Ankiel mops up a 15-1 loss by the Cardinals. their pitching is awful. " IM READY TO PLAY TODAY"
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the more i watch and here ,the more i think detroit is overrated. no bullpen  maggs coming of a carrer year no s.s. to speak of and a iffy willis. the indians will win the central again. are oaklands starters the worst in baseball ? bean may know how to trade  but it will take a year or so. tampa rules  major strides. the  yankees suck, but i can say that every year.colorado wasnt a one year wonder. they will repeat obama wins , and doesnt chose hillary for v.p. the dem party sucks for the florida and michigan mess.why does seattle need all those running backs and where does alexander play next year? listen to mad  mike Wmeltv and the love doctors[ both florida both on line and both insightfull] music i listened to yesterday wishbone ash live, kris kristofferson,the band  bob dylan and quiet riot  . the maddness is about to start . the nba sucks. nascar is really getting boring   tiger rules the best ive ever seem,im 58.
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Posted on: January 17, 2008 8:30 pm

dead season

dead season for me till the march madness and BASEBALL. the nfl is over, new england and green bay in the superbowl ,pats win.anyone have any ides who wins the election? is it just me or is this the first time a sitting president and vice president is not in anyway involved?parcells wont really help miami but they will look better.doesnt the fbi have anything better to do then investigate tejada? i can think of a bunch of things.randy moss is probably innocent.roger clements is probably guilty and pac man jones belongs in jail with oj.just for being stupid.more later when i have a thought or a few beers.
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